“…followers of Christ,

good neighbors in the world…”

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The church is not a society of people united by their affinities but the Body of Christ, in which all share a common life, completing one another by their differences.
— C.S. Lewis

You are safe here.

You’ll smell the coffee as soon as you walk through our blue doors.

You’ll notice right away that we are the friendliest bunch in town, and will see how joyfully we love our God, one other, and now you.

No matter how many triumphs or struggles, joys or disappointments you’ve faced, no matter how much or how little you feel The Divine in your life, you are safe here.


Sundays at 11 AM

5033 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814

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From the moment you walk through our blue doors, you’ll see how we love God and each other.

Our Action

We put our faith to work in a variety of ways in our neighborhood, city, and world.

Our Values

Church in Bethesda is a fellowship of many denominations, cultures, ages, and interests. 

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Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people and citizens of distant epochs who never knew one another.
— Carl Sagan

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The Path: Finding Meaning in Everyday Life.

Compartmentalization is a comforting vice. We employ it to guard ourselves, and for good reason.

Don't think about work at home. Don't think about home at work. Don't think about eating ice cream at the gym. Don't think about the gym whilst eating ice cream.

Then, we come to the compartment of belief and all the rules change. Faith was never meant to be a compartment. It is a principle that affects every area of our lives.

We look forward to seeing you during this series as we look at how to live a kind of faith that extends beyond Sunday mornings.



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They committed themselves to study, living life together, sharing meals, and prayer.
— Acts 2:41-42